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Since 1871, with the arrival of a traveling marionette troupe after the Fire, Chicago has been a town with a lot going on in puppetry arts. Every style and tradition, from sock puppets to shadow work, bunraku and "Mr. Punch" finds its way into the mix.


Founded in 1961 to "honor and promote the art of puppetry," CPG is a cultural and artistic resource for the Chicago area. A social organization with picnics, potlucks, and "field trips" to meet and greet visiting puppeteers, CPG also has a well-hidden serious side:


We advocate for puppetry with local arts producers and funders, support local performers and artists, and mentor and encourage students at all levels.

CPG creates a "National Day of Puppetry" each Spring in conjunction with other Guilds around the US, a family event in which visiting artists and local performers bring puppetry to new audiences.

CPG supports and encourages local "puppet slams" for adult evening cabaret audiences. Exhibits featuring aspects of Chicago's rich puppetry history show up in unexpected places with Guild support.


Practical workshops share the expert knowledge of our members several times each year. CPG members participate in national and regional festivals, and in each Fall's 5-state "Puppeteers' Potlatch."

We're thankful for the success and vitality of puppetry in Chicago, and glad to be at the center of this oddball community!


As an art form that goes anyplace, welcoming amateurs and old pros alike, your energy is welcome... as a fan or a new puppeteer!

The Guild maintains this site as well as a Facebook page to highlight performances, workshops, and events going on in the area, and welcomes your posts and e-mails to help us keep up!

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